LAJANATUR S.L, is a company based on all types of natural stone work.


It began operation in 2001, in front of professionals with extensive experience in this sector, the main function is to distribute all kinds of decorative elements and for coating.


Our product range is very wide. Work all types of marble, limestone, irregular stone, sandstone .... Likewise, we have in our facilities in a workshop production, integrated with a highly qualified team to do all kinds of custom work, like steps, offset, balustrades, columns, flashings, copings, countertops, front ventilated ...


Our entire product range is complemented by the line of civil works such as curbs, pavers, tree grates ... Gardening also work online where we can offer all kinds of figures, fountains and decorative pieces for garden.For distribute our products, we have a wide sales network throughout the country, consists of a direct sales force and supported by the distribution network has earned in recent years, thanks to the ability to trade.

Thinking about the benefit and convenience of its customers, our group of companies has its own trucks for transporting the material to anywhere in Spain or Europe.

The group company is relatively young but accumulates a large experienciay knowledge within your team. Our on-line will see details of all our materials, products, finishes and applications. This is a special catalog will be continually supplemented, as our main feature is the dynamic and the ability to continuously develop new and exclusive products, and imagine that everything is possible in natural stone for us.